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Name of the bank: Kenya Commercial Bank
Account Number: 1288208324
Account name: Dans Onyango Odhiambo
Swift code: KCBLKENX
Bank code: 001
Branch Name: Kisumu Branch
Address: Oginga Odinga Street, Kisumu City, Kenya.
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Service provider: Safaricom PLC
Mobile Number: +254794193000
Contact person: Dans Onyango Odhiambo

Teenage Humanist Mother's Care

We rescue teenagers who were forcefully married from the communities still practicing forced marriage. We adopt them together with their babies and create a conducive environment for them to proceed with their education.

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Kenya Humanist Orphans and Widows Foundation

Our orphanage needs support from the humanists, atheists, and the kindests well-wishers globally. We are encouraging the kindest donors to adopt our orphans by providing school fees, clothes, foodstuffs, medical care, among other necessities for them. They really need your support.

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Promoting peace ,unity and Love among communities in Kenya and globally.


Condemning poor cultural heritage that harms or pose threat to humanity